In Israel, Bolsonaro Publishes Photo With Gun Criticizes Disarmament Laws

On an official trip to Israel, Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s new far-right president published a photograph in which he is holding a firearm. In the post, he defended the “freedom” of citizens to arm themselves and criticized disarmament laws.

Retired army captain, the president said on the internet that “what makes a weapon harmful depends 100% of the intentions of who owns it.”

Since becoming a federal deputy, Bolsonaro is a critic of the Disarmament Statute, which, he says, imposes very strict rules on gun ownership. During his parliamentary career, he advocated reformulating legislation to facilitate the use of arms by citizens.


“I defend freedom, with criteria, for citizens who want to protect themselves and their families. Disarmament laws only work against those who respect the law, whoever wants to commit crimes no longer cares about it,” Bolsonaro wrote in the social network.

The G1 questioned the presidential adviser if the image in which Bolsonaro is aiming with a gun was made on Monday in Israel, but the Secretary of Communications said that the Planalto Palace “does not comment.”

The clothes that the president is wearing in the picture he is wielding in the suit, dark blue suit, white shirt and blue tie, is the same one he wore on the public agenda this Monday in Jerusalem. Bolsonaro landed in Israel on Sunday for a four-day visit to the Middle East country.

On Monday, the president decorated Israeli soldiers who were involved in the rescue operation of the victims of the Brumadinho tragedy and visited, in the company of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Wailing Wall, a sacred site for the Jews which is a pilgrimage site in Jerusalem .

In January, 15 days after taking office in the Presidency of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree that relaxed the possession of firearms. The measure was one of the president’s campaign promises.

The right to possession is the authorization to keep a firearm at home or in the workplace (provided that the owner of the firearm is the legal guardian of the establishment). To walk with the gun on the street, one must have the right to the postage, whose rules are more rigorous and were not treated in the decree.

The text of the decree allows citizens living in urban or rural areas to keep firearms at home, provided they meet the requirements of “effective necessity”, to be examined by the Federal Police.

In December, before taking command of the Planalto Palace, Bolsonaro wrote in a social network that he intended to guarantee by decree the possession of firearms to citizens without criminal records.