In Israel Facebook WhatsApp Instagram And Messenger have Collapsed

After 7 p.m., users began reporting that they were unable to send messages on WhatsApp and Messenger, while the Instagram feed did not refresh. Around 9 p.m., the three platforms owned by Facebook announced that the issues had been resolved. The cause of the fault is unknown.

It’s not just you: users around the world, and also in Israel, reported tonight (Friday) that the various services of the Facebook company – WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger – have collapsed. Around 21:00, the three platforms reported that they were back to normal. The cause of the malfunction is unknown.

Downdetector website, which monitors malfunctions in various services on the network through user reports, the various platforms of Facebook ceased to operate normally shortly after 19:00. WhatsApp users reported that they were unable to send messages and photos, while Instagram users received a message Could not refresh feed when logged into the app. Messenger was also unable to send messages, while Facebook’s main app continued to operate normally.

Facebook said earlier: “We are aware that there are people who are having difficulty connecting to some of the services in the Facebook app family. We are working to get back to routine as soon as possible.” At 20:41 a tweet was posted on the WhatsApp Twitter account announcing that the glitch was resolved: “Thanks for your patience, these were 45 long minutes, but we’re back! At 21:08 it was posted on Instagram’s Twitter account: “Some people had issues with their Instagram accounts earlier, but we’re back. The bug has been fixed and we & # 39; re sorry for the issues. #Instagramdown.” Later, Messenger also announced a return to routine.

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