In Italy they Want to Protect Netflix Movie Theaters

The Italian government will impose a deadline between the release of a movie in cinemas and its distribution on streaming platforms. The idea is to protect the local film industry.

The Italian government will impose a deadline between the release of a film in movie theaters and its distribution on video platforms such as Netflix, a measure that aims to protect the local film industry.

The subject had generated controversy in Italy in September during the Festival of Cinema of Venice, where many of the presented films were produced by the American giant Netflix and they are going to be released simultaneously in the rooms and by Internet, or only in Internet.

This is the case of Roma, the autobiographical film by Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron, awarded this year with the Golden Lion, which allowed the powerful Netflix to win one of the most prestigious awards in world cinema.

The Cuaron movie will soon be released in cinemas around the world and will be available from December 14 on Netflix.

The controversy had already been lived in other film festivals. The one from Cannes in France, for example, decided this year to select only films that premiere in cinemas.

Thus, it excluded films from important directors that ended in Venice, such as those of the Coen brothers or Paul Greengrass.

In Italy, the owners of the rooms, who charge an average of 8 euros, denounced the fact that prestigious films can only be seen by subscribers to online platforms, raising a national debate.

The associations of movie theater owners asked the Minister of Culture, Alberto Bonisoli (of the 5 Star Movement, antisystem), to take immediate measures to guarantee a broad period between the release of films in theaters and their availability on the platforms, as foreseen by French legislation.

The minister announced on Wednesday that he is preparing a decree, dubbed by the press as “anti-Netflix,” which foresees that an Italian film must go through theaters before it ends on the platform.

The period that is usually fulfilled of 105 days in theaters, can now be reduced to 60 days for less commercial films, which have been attended by less than 50,000 spectators in the first three weeks of programming.

“With this decree we facilitate some films that are seen by an easier means,” explained the Minister of Culture.

“We also protect theater owners who need to fill them with films that guarantee them money,” he said.

The measure of the government was well received by the association of movie theater owners who fear the “unfair competition” of online platforms, which could create “a dangerous and dangerous short circuit”, according to Carlo Fontana, president of the General Conference. Italian of the Show (Agis).

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“The giants of streaming like Netflix are making a lot of profits in Italy without creating jobs, their policy is far from transparent,” says Francesco Rutelli, former mayor of Rome and president of the National Association of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Industries (Anica). .

“Blocking the way to Netflix and other platforms destined to multiply is in any case as illusory as it is useless,” he acknowledged, however.

In Colombia, Rome will be released on Netflix only, although it could be seen in an exclusive show, during the The Classics festival, of film classics.