In Mexico McDonald’s Reopens the Doors of its Iconic Restaurant in Polanco

Mexico McDonald’s reopens the doors of its iconic restaurant in Polanco, offering a new experience of innovation and sustainability to its consumers.

The restaurant will generate 80 formal jobs for young Mexicans and has 16 sustainable initiatives that contribute to reducing its environmental impact.

McDonald‘s Polanco presents a new concept of digital experience with innovative service and design elements that guarantee a unique service in the fast food segment.

The reopening is part of the investment of 25 million dollars that Arcos Dorados Mexico has made during the last 3 years in the country, contributing to the reactivation of the Mexican economy.

December 1, 2021. Arcos Dorados, the company that operates McDonald’s restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean, reopens its iconic Polanco restaurant in Mexico City, offering its customers a unique combination of innovation and sustainability that reflects the vision of the company to continue building McDonald’s leadership in Mexico. The arrival of the new premises also contributes to the reactivation of the economy after the challenges of the pandemic.

McDonald‘s Polanco materializes the social commitment of Arcos Dorados with Mexico, contributing to the economic reactivation, employment and sustainable development, offering high quality food and combining an innovative service in restaurant, the sale by AutoMac and deliveries by McDelivery, strengthening a business model capable of capitalizing on growth opportunities ”, highlighted Francisco Bosch, Managing Director of Arcos Dorados Mxico.

With the reopening of McDonald’s Polanco, more than 80 new direct jobs are added for young Mexicans. Many of them will have their first professional experiences and will be able to develop personally and academically with world-class training. The company employs more than 10,500 young people in its 366 restaurants throughout the country, which reinforces the commitment of Arcos Dorados and its sub-franchisees in Mexico to offer opportunities to this segment of the population.

McDonald’s in Mexico is a socially responsible brand which, with more than 35 years of presence in the country, is committed to its environment; under the pillars of its sustainability strategy “Recipe of the Future” integrates elements to its restaurants to ensure efficient management of water, energy, and waste. McDonald’s Polanco will operate with initiatives that will allow it to achieve efficiencies of more than 20% in energy consumption and 15% in water consumption compared to restaurants of similar volume. Additionally, 85% of construction and furniture materials come from local suppliers and include recycled content.

“We are very excited about the reopening of McDonald’s Polanco, since this is a restaurant that comes with a new concept of sustainability and experience, which represents the commitment we have in Arcos Dorados with the region and with Mexico despite the challenges of the pandemic. We have a long-term vision of generating a positive impact of the McDonald’s brand in the communities of Latin America through our Recipe of the Future strategy, which aims to provide part of the solution to challenging challenges in our society, such as the generation of a first formal work experience for young people, just as we are doing in Polanco, generating 80 new jobs ”stated Woods Staton, Executive Chairman of Arcos Dorados.

The Polanco restaurant joins the other units that operate under a digital experience model called “Experience of the Future” with digital kiosks for self-management of orders with Leaders of Experience, who will provide immediate support to all the concerns and needs about the functionalities of these, menu customization, table service, offering a new standard of care to its guests. At the same time, it is built with innovation in architectural design and has the first children’s entertainment space with a cognitive approach available in Latin America known as “Play of the Future”. This evolution of McDonald’s worldwide is present to offer visitors of all ages an innovative and personalized service.

For his part, the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, Mauricio Tabe, recognized the work and progress that McDonald’s has had over the years in Mexico, being today one of the forerunners in the evolution of business, by adopting in its processes the use of new technologies. “A more sustainable business that does its bit with the environment.”

He pointed out that this government will be a promoter of business models like these, where the principles of sustainability and innovation govern.

“In the government of Miguel Hidalgo they will have an ally, we are convinced that work is the only way to get ahead and start.

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Mexico- McDonald’s reopens the doors of its iconic restaurant in Polanco, offering a new experience of innovation and sustainability to its consumers.

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