Instagram Launches Anti-Bullying Feature Online

Monday’s Instagram photo and video sharing service said it had launched a new feature that alerts users before posting potentially offensive posts, in a new step to fight bullying.

“From today, we launched a new feature that alerts people when captions for an image or video may be considered offensive, giving them the opportunity to pause and reconsider their words before posting,” said Instagram.

The company explained that the launch of this feature comes within the framework of its commitment to combating bullying via the Internet, and it is based on artificial intelligence technology that can recognize various forms of bullying on Instagram.

Instagram earlier this year launched a feature that alerts users that their comments may be considered offensive before they are published, and the company said: The results were promising, so the new feature comes because giving people a chance will encourage them to reconsider their words.

Instagram said: “Today, when someone writes a comment to a post of a feed and our artificial intelligence discovers that the caption may be offensive, you will receive an instant message informing it that this caption is similar to the one reported due to bullying. They will have the opportunity to modify the caption before it is published.” .

The company added that this warning helps – in addition to restricting bullying – to educate people about what is not allowed on Instagram, and when an account might be at risk of breaking our rules. The feature will be available in a number of countries before its launch across the world in the coming months.