Intel Alder Firs Photos of The Stock Sinks With The News Design

New inside and out, Intel‘s twelfth generation processors represent a revolution from many points of view.

If the great revolution is of a structural type, with the incredible hybrid architecture, some aesthetic changes could not be missing, it was just a few low resolution slides.

What we show you below, however, is a real photograph of the alleged low-profile Intel RM1 heatsink, designed to cool Alder Lake-S solutions at 65W. Previewed by the well-known tipster momomo, this stock heatsink will be just one of the three solutions that have been talked about for some time.

The entry level Intel RS1 cooler and the RH1 solution, presumably designed for higher performance systems, are missing from the appeal, although they are in no case intended for marketing in a bundle with the -K Series, i.e. processors with multiplier blocked, for which higher performance solutions are recommended.

Waiting to find out when they will be placed on the market, we remind you that Intel has confirmed its presence at CES 2022. Among the hottest rumors, we talk not only about Alder Lake 65W solutions , but also with the first generation gaming video cards, called Intel ARC Alchemist.