Intel is Leaving Crumbs for France And Expanding in Europe

The choice of the microprocessor manufacturer to invest 33 billion euros, mainly in Germany and Ireland, demonstrates France’s lack of attractiveness in the technological field.

Ercy and the Digital Secretariat did not see fit to claim victory after Intel‘s announcement on Tuesday March 15 to launch a massive investment program in Europe. Of the 33.5 billion euros promised by the American manufacturer, 17 billion will go to Germany with the construction of a giant factory, 12 billion will be spent on expanding the facilities in Ireland, while Italy collects 4, 5 billion also for more marginal processor assembly operations.

What is left for France, Spain and Poland is so small that the figure is not even mentioned in the total. In English, this is called a rounding error, a rounding approximation. In French, the most appropriate term is that of humiliation. This will not be without consequences for the technological future of the country.

The choice of Intel is indicative of the lack of attractiveness of France for American technology companies with high added value wishing to settle in Europe. This reluctance has its roots in recurring national problems.

An unwelcoming administrative and political environment. Some countries like Ireland are rolling out an administrative and fiscal red carpet, the extravagance of which was long considered absurd by France and even contrary to the European spirit, particularly in terms of corporate taxation.

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