iPhone SE 3 Comes, iPhone SE 2 Drops in Price to IDR 1.5 Million in Indonesia

– The iPhone SE 2022 or also called the iPhone SE 3 (third generation) has been officially sold in Indonesia starting June 17, 2022. In the country, the iPhone SE 3 is sold for the cheapest Rp. 8 million for the 64 GB variant and the most expensive is Rp. 11 million for the 256 GB variant. The presence of the iPhone SE 3 also made its predecessor, the iPhone SE 2 (2020) drop in price in Indonesia. Read also: iPhone SE 3 (2022) Officially Entered Indonesia June 17, this is the price. KompasTekno monitoring on the iBox.co.id site, Monday (20/6/2022), the price of the iPhone SE 2 is now down by around Rp. 1.5 million compared to previous selling price. For example, the iPhone SE 2 with 3/64 GB memory is now selling for Rp. 6 million, down from the price of Rp. 7.5 million. The launch price of the iPhone SE 2 64 GB in 2020 is IDR 8 million. For more details, here are the price details for the latest iPhone SE 2 in Indonesia as of June 20, 2022, as compiled from the official iBox website:

Model 2020 launch price Initial price Latest price 20 June 2022 iPhone SE 2 64 GB Rp. 8 million Rp. 7.5 million Rp. 6 million iPhone SE 2 128 GB Rp. 9 million Rp. 8.8 million Rp. 7.3 million iPhone SE 2 256 GB Rp 11 million Rp 10.5 million Rp 9 million It should be noted, according to the iBox website, this iPhone SE 2 cannot be purchased online. Apple fanboys can only buy iPhone SE 2 through the official iBox offline store in Indonesia. Because, after selecting the iPhone SE 2 variant, a statement will appear that reads “Product Available in Store”. Then, there is another statement that reads “Take it at the Store”, which directs prospective buyers to buy directly at the iBox receipt outlet. with iBox, another official Apple distributor, Digimap is no longer displaying the iPhone SE 2020. Also read: 3 Things to Consider Before Buying an iPhone SE 3 in Indonesia.

iPhone SE 2020 specifications A little discussing the specifications, the iPhone SE 2020 is powered by the same chipset as the “brains” of the iPhone 11 trio, namely the Apple A13 Bionic. By design, the appearance of the iPhone SE 2020 itself looks identical to the iPhone 8. On the front, for example, the phone is equipped with a Retina HD True Tone screen with the same diagonal, which is 4.7 inches. The screen is equipped with a 7 MP (f/2.2) FaceTime camera which is placed in the upper frame. Also read: iPhone SE 2 Reportedly Launching in 2020, iPhone 11 Equivalent Specifications On the bottom frame itself, there is a home button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner, aka Touch ID, which also briefly adorned the looks of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Turning to the back, the iPhone SE 2020 is also only equipped with a single rear camera with a resolution of 12 MP (f/1.8) which is claimed to be capable of recording 4K 60 FPS video and photos in portrait mode. Other supporting features include support for fast charging of 18 watts via a Lightning cable which is claimed to be able to charge the battery up to 50 percent in 30 minutes, wireless charging, and the level of water and dust resistance with IP67 certification. Get selected news updates and breaking news every day from Kompas.com.