Iran Sends the Black Box of the Ukrainian Plane to Kiev

The director of the Air Accidents Department of the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority said that the contents of the black box of the stricken Ukrainian plane could not be read and it will be sent to Ukraine.

Iran decides to send the black box of the Ukrainian plane to Kiev after it could not be read Iran admits to shooting down the Ukrainian plane as a result of “unintentional human error”

Ukraine demands Iran to apologize and pay compensation

The Director of the Air Accidents Department said in a press statement, today, Saturday, that the commission is not aware of the operations of air defense units, and that the Iranian armed forces confirmed, after the accident, that the Ukrainian plane had not been shot down by military action.

On Saturday, Iran Air decided to cancel its flights to European countries until later notice, according to a RT reporter.

Imam Khomeini Airport stated in a statement that “due to the cancelation of Iran Airlines flights to Europe, passengers are requested to call to inquire about their flights before they go to the airport.”

The decision of Iranian Airlines comes after Tehran admitted this morning that the Ukrainian plane was shot down in Iran “unintentionally”, as a result of a “human error”, after it approached a sensitive military center.

In contrast, the Ukrainian “International Airlines” company announced today, Saturday, that the company has changed its flight paths after the accident of the Ukrainian “Boeing” plane crashing near the Iranian capital and that it will no longer fly over Iran.