Iran-Syria Sign Agreement on Defense Cooperation

According to Sputnik, during the visit of Syria to Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Hatami, the two defense ministers signed the instrument of defense cooperation agreement between the two countries.

The document, signed by the defense ministers and Syria, emphasized the expansion of military defense cooperation.

Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami arrived in Syria on Sunday for a two-day visit. Hatami announced the development of bilateral cooperation in the new conditions and the entry of Syria into the reconstruction phase, saying: “We hope we can engage actively in the reconstruction of Syria.”

Syrian Defense Minister Lieutenant General Ali Abiyev, in turn, thanked the Iranian Defense Minister for his efforts to help Damascus fight terrorism.

The Syrian Defense Minister, referring to the signing of this cooperation document, said: “In the face of continued bilateral cooperation, we will realize our national interests and will not allow any country and country to engage in solid relations between the two countries.”

The document, co-sponsored by the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria’s defense minister, highlights the expansion of military defense cooperation