Iraqi Kurdish Leader Vows to Avenge Yazidis

barzaniThe president of Iraq’s autonomous region of Kurdistan, Massud Barzani, promised Monday to avenge the Yazidi minority brutally attacked by the Islamic State group a year ago.


“We will hunt down those who committed this crime until the last one,” Barzani said in Dohuk at a ceremony commemorating the beginning of the jihadist onslaught against the Yazidis.


A Kurdish-speaking minority mostly based around the Sinjar mountain in northern Iraq, the Yazidis are neither Arabs nor Muslims and have a unique faith which IS considers to be polytheism.
Exactly a year ago, the jihadists made an unexpected push into areas of northern Iraq that had been under Kurdish control and were home to many of the country’s minorities.


The worst-hit were the Yazidis, who were massacred and abducted in large numbers when IS entered the Sinjar area.
“They (IS) have left thousands of bodies on the battlefield, but this is not enough in comparison with the crimes they committed,” Barzani said.