Israel Agreements Signed With The UAE And Bahrain: “Salaam Alaikum”

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The Prime Minister of Isreal, the President of the United States and the Foreign Ministers of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed the normalization agreements at a ceremony held on the White House lawn. Trump: “Peace agreement will open the door for Muslims around the world to visit holy places in Israel.” On stopping annexation ”

The historic signing ceremony of the normalization agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain was held tonight (Tuesday) on the southern lawn of the White House in Washington. The ceremony was attended by hundreds of guests, and in the presence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Donald Trump, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah Ben-Zayed, and his counterpart in Bahrain ‘Abd a-Latif a-Ziani.

The speaker was President Trump. He referred to past relations between Israel and Arab countries in the Middle East, and welcomed the agreement. “In the history of Israel, there have been only two peace agreements, and now we have reached two in two months, and there will be more,” he said. “Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will set up embassies, replace ambassadors and begin cooperation. The peace agreement will open the door for Muslims around the world to visit holy sites in Israel, and visit al-Aqsa. Together these agreements will be the basis for comprehensive peace in the region. Now it is done with mutual respect and partnership, “he said.

After the President of the United States, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke. Netanyahu thanked the president in his opening remarks and said that the agreements we would sign could put an end to the Israeli-Arab conflict. “This day is a record in history. It heralds a new era of peace after decades of Israel praying for peace. I thank Trump for your leadership that has undoubtedly been with Israel, fighting the dictatorship of Iran and mediating between Israel and the Palestinians, and peace agreements leading to a new era worldwide.

Netanyahu also thanked the foreign ministers of the Emirates and Bahrain: “I thank you for working with us to expand the circle of peace. To King Hamed of Bahrain and to you, the Emirical Foreign Minister Abdel Atif, for joining us and bringing hope to all of Abraham’s children.” The Prime Minister also thanked “all the friends of Israel in the East in high school, those who are with us today and those who will join us tomorrow. I say hello to everyone. You heard from the President that he has already registered more and more countries, it was illogical a few years ago. It is a great achievement, thank you Mr. President “.

“The people of Israel know well the price of war, I know it. I was wounded in battle, a close friend of mine died in my arms, my brother Yoni died when he led his soldiers to rescue the hostages in Entebbe. My parents’ grief over Yoni’s death did not last until their deaths. “Bereaved families in Israel. I saw the same grief with them. That’s why I’m excited to be here today. Those who know the pain of war, welcome the achievement of peace.” The prime minister added that “peace will spread to many Arab countries, and it can end the conflict between Israel and Arab countries around the world. It will also bring economic benefits to our citizens.”
Netanyahu also added that “it is not just about peace between leaders, but between people. Citizens want to invest in countries. We have started cooperating in the war against the corona virus, and I am sure we can find lots of solutions to the problems. “She taught me that power brings peace. This week is the week that Rosh Hashanah falls, and what a blessing we bring to the new year – a blessing of friendship, hope and peace.”

After Netanyahu finished speaking, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah Ben-Zayd took the podium, saying that he “stands here and extends peace. We are witnessing today what can change the Middle East and the whole world. Honorable Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Thank you very much You have chosen peace and the cessation of the annexation of the Palestinian lands. ”

Ben-Zayed said the outbreak of the corona virus was “difficult for the whole world. Sheikh Ben-Zayed (Crown heir Muhammad bin Zayed, etc.) taught us that standing next to the other, no matter who he is, is a basic thing. Peace requires courage, and shaping the future “It requires knowledge. We came to tell the world that peace is a principle with us.”

Bahraini Foreign Minister Abd al-Latif al-Ziani gave a speech at the end of Ben-Zayed’s remarks, saying it was a “moment of hope and opportunity for all the peoples of the Middle East, and especially for the youth in the region. It is a historic step towards comprehensive peace, security and security for all” “He has lived there regardless of religion, nationality or ideology. For too long the Middle East has been delayed by conflict and mistrust, which have destroyed and prevented the potential of our good and brilliant generations. Now, I am convinced we have the opportunity to change that.”

He addressed the residents of the UAE, congratulating them on the signing of the agreement with Israel: “It takes great courage. For the State of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, we appreciate these steps from you and your government. I would like to express my special appreciation to President Trump and the US administration. Tired people have brought us this far and made peace a reality. ”

Before the ceremony began, Netanyahu and Trump were scheduled at the White House. The US president said that “what we all get and Israel gets is peace. As you know, the Emirates is powerful in the region, and it is very important that the countries have excellent ties. There are many countries that will come later. These are very strong agreements. What Israel gets is peace, it is most important “.

The Prime Minister said that “we have strong ties with the US President, we have strong ties in the Middle East with countries that are waiting, to enter into these agreements, and that is much thanks to the President of the United States. I hope everyone comes to peace agreements, we do not feel isolated at all. You have the key to the hearts of Israelis. ”

Referring to the possibility of more countries joining the agreements, Trump said that Israel and the US are in talks to sign similar agreements with five other countries: “You will see the peace, the countries are tired of fighting. You will see a lot of great activity, there is going to be peace in the Middle East. ” I do not think Israel is isolated. “Now there is a situation where many countries in the Middle East want to sign this deal, I hope it will happen immediately after the US election.”
Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump in the White House, today.

Trump added that he had talked with Saudi King Salman, and that the two had a good conversation: “This is a bloodless peace agreement in the Middle East. So far people have been killed and no one has received anything. This is a different strong peace. I think the Palestinians will join it at the right time, “We talk to them too. They have made progress. We paid them $ 750 million a year, other countries also transferred money to them, and now they are signing with us.”

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