Israeli Doctors Cure “Radiation Damage in Cancer Patients”

Israeli doctors have discovered that treatment with pressure cells can cure radiation damage in cancer patients.

Cancer patients who suffered severe damage due to radiation recovered in the affected areas after treatment for two months in a pressure chamber. Researchers should inform patients about the possibility of treatment funded in the health basket.

Another cautious promise following pressure-cell therapy: Israeli doctors report that cancer patients with severe radiation damage recovered in the affected areas following treatment of hyperbolic oxygen in the pressure chamber. The doctors called on experts to update patients on the treatment option funded by the health basket.

And Dr. Eyal Berkowitz of the Hyperbaric Institute of Medicine in Eilat and the Internal Medicine Department of Yoseftal Hospital note that radiation damage is a common phenomenon in 5 to 15% of patients.

The radiation damage depends on the dose of the radiation, the patient’s age, and the projected area. The areas of the body that are expected to develop more radiation complications are the head, neck, thorax, and pelvic organs. Symptoms may occur immediately after treatment, but even after weeks, months, or even years after radiation therapy is completed.

Treatment for the drugs currently offered has limited success. Apart from medication, patients often have to undergo surgical procedures, burning of bleeding areas, and sometimes even partial excision of organs. Patients often have to adapt to disability, and apart from physical suffering, they experience a decline in quality of life, emotional problems, and difficulties in social functioning.

In an article in the medical journal, the doctors present two patients who had complications from radiation therapy, and after treatment with pressure cells, their condition improved significantly to the point of recovery of the damage areas. In one case, a 53-year-old woman who suffered from cancer and had amputated areas of her neck developed early radiation damage to her neck.

The second patient, already 72 years old who received hormone therapy and radiation due to prostate cancer, also suffered radiation damage to the bladder and digestive system. Both patients were treated with hyperbaric oxygen in a pressure chamber, which resulted in recovery of the damaged tissue.

The significant improvement was also observed in imaging imaging, as well as in patients’ reporting of a significant improvement in their quality of life. The treatment included 60 consecutive daily treatments in a pressure cell, five days a week.

Improving the flow of oxygen into tissues

It is believed that the treatment of a pressure cell improves the flow of oxygen to the damaged tissue and reduces inflammatory processes in the damaged area. The result is accelerated healing and recovery of areas that have been irradiated and damaged.

Evidence of the efficacy of pressure cell therapy has been in the medical literature for many years. Since the 1970s, there have been reports of improvement in radiation-impaired cancer patients, and their condition has improved as a result of pressure-cell therapy.

“Identifying patients with the side effects of radiotherapy and referring them in advance to this treatment, which is funded by the health basket, may benefit patients and prevent ongoing suffering,” the authors conclude.

In an accompanying article, Prof. Yehuda Melamed, director of the pressure cell at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, added: “Radiation damage is a medical problem that can be treated and effectively cured by high oxygen doses given in a pressure chamber in a very safe manner. Expanding the awareness and understanding of physicians to the possibility of treating these patients will allow more patients to receive it. “