Istanbul Police Disperse Group After Bid to Enter Taksim Square

ChXry5VXEAEInTKPolice used water cannons to disperse a group of around 40 protesters gathering for a May 1 rally near Taksim Square – a symbolic yet contested venue that remains prohibited on International Workers’ Day.

The group of protesters, meeting near the Divan Hotel close to Taksim Square and carrying banners of “Halkevleri” (People’s Houses), were dispersed by police using water cannons.

A separate group from the People’s Liberation Party (HKP) was stopped by police on Barbaros Avenue in Beşiktaş ahead of a planned march to Taksim.

The group of around 20 protesters was encircled by police, with the latter resorting to tear gas and detaining all members of the group. The group was taken to a nearby police station following body checks.

Police also took strict security measures near the central Şişli Mosque and stopped all cars and buses deemed suspicious.

Three people inside a taxi, who protested against the search by chanting slogans, were detained

Meanwhile, International Workers’ Day celebrations were cancelled in the southern province of Adana due to intel regarding a possible suicide attack.