Istat: Invests 77% in Digital Companies But Only 3.8% is Mature

Roma, Istat: invests 77% in digital companies but only 3.8% is mature
In industry, the share rises to 5.2%, the effect of incentives

About three quarters of companies with at least ten employees are engaged in digital investments (77.5%), but only 3.8% are in the ‘maturity’ phase, characterized by an integrated use of available technologies, according to Istat data from the permanent census of companies, referring to the period 2016-2018.

Digitally mature companies, despite being only three out of a hundred, account for 16.8% of employees and 22.7% of added value. Their presence is much higher in the North-West (4.7%), among companies with over 500 employees (23%) and in industry (5.2%), “probable effect – for Istat – of consistent incentives for digitization made available at state and regional level over the last five years “.

Most companies still use “a limited number of technologies, giving priority to infrastructure investments (cloud solutions, fiber optic or mobile connectivity, management software and, necessarily, cyber-security) and possibly leaving the adoption of application technologies “, reads the report. Size is a crucial aspect for digitization: 73.2% of companies with 10-19 employees and 97.1% of those with over 500 employees made digital investments.

Furthermore, for the three “key” technologies Internet of Things Iot, automation and robotics and Big Data analysis, 50% of the largest companies (250 employees and more) declare their intention to maintain a high rate of investment growth

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Istat: Invests 77% in Digital Companies But Only 3.8% is Mature

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