“It is Good for People who don’t Smoke as Marriage Partners” 70%

70% of singles think that “the person you want to marry is good for people who don’t smoke”. The National Cancer Research Center (Tokyo) has published such findings.

The survey aimed to find out the family’s awareness of cigarettes. In March this year, a total of 2,000 smokers and 1,000 non-smokers were surveyed on the Internet.

According to it, 61% of those who are married say that the spouse “sucks every day” and “sometimes there is a day to smoke” that “want to stop smoking (want to stop smoking)” was. Among parents who have children who smoke cigarettes, 75% of children thought that they wanted them to “stop smoking” (want to quit smoking). Among parents who have underage children, 82% said that when the child is over 20 years old, “I absolutely do not want to smoke” and “I do not want to smoke if I can”.

Among those who have no spouse, in the question asked about the other party when getting married, the answer is “Absolutely good for people who don’t smoke” and “If you can, people who don’t smoke are good” 70%, tobacco There were a lot of opinions that made it a condition of marriage not to smoke.

At the Center for Cancer Control and Information Center Tobacco Policy Support Division, which compiled the survey, “The knowledge about health effects of smoking and secondhand smoking is spreading, and the ratio for which you want to stop smoking for spouses and children is high “I understand that.”