It is not a Respiratory Disease Corona Affects the Blood Vessels

After months of the Corna pandemic, a growing body of evidence has now emerged that the emerging corona virus is an infection that targets blood vessels rather than respiratory disease, which explains the strange symptoms observed by doctors all over the world, according to a report by the “Medium” site.

Corona afflicts blood vessels, which can explain not only the high prevalence of blood clots, strokes and heart attacks in people with it, but also provide an answer to the causes of a variety of symptoms from the top of the head to toe that have appeared to the sufferers, the report said.

“It appears from the data that this is not a respiratory disease but actually affects the blood vessels,” says Mandib Mehra, medical director of the Cardiovascular Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

The report indicates that a respiratory virus that infects blood cells and circulates through the body is almost unheard of before. Influenza viruses like H1N1 are not known to do this.

The virus infects the membranous lining of the blood vessels, which explains its strange symptoms, such as high levels of blood clots.

Vascular damage can also explain why people with pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease are at greater risk for developing complications from a virus that is supposed to infect only the lungs.

The report added that vascular infection may be the way the virus circulates through the body and infects other organs, which is atypical for respiratory infections.

Since the virus damages the blood vessels, experts now believe that the best treatment for it is not only an antiviral but also drugs that prevent inflammation of the endothelial membranes.

The emerging coronavirus has killed at least 357,311 people worldwide since it appeared in China in December.


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It is not a Respiratory Disease Corona Affects the Blood Vessels

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