Italia: Inflation Slows Down to 1.5% in September

After four months of acceleration, inflation slows down in Italia in September, albeit slightly.

According to preliminary data from ISTAT, released today, the inflation rate stood at 1.5% this month on an annual basis, down from 1.6% in August (analysts have even expected an increase in 1.7 percent). On a monthly basis, then against August, the consumer price index fell by 0.4 percent.

To decelerate by a few tenths of a point, underlines the ISTAT, is also the inflation that weighs on the daily expenses, such as food, home and personal care and high frequency products, mainly due to more volatile components of the basket: fresh fruit and vegetables and fuels. For consumer products, as well as for regulated energy sources (gas and electricity), price growth remains higher than that recorded for the basket as a whole. The slight slowdown in inflation is therefore mainly due to the dynamics of the prices of unprocessed food goods (whose growth on an annual basis goes from + 3.1% to + 2.4%), to which is added the price of transport services (from + 2.8% in August at + 2.5%) and unregulated energy goods, which however continue to grow at a rapid pace (from + 9.5% in the previous month to +9.3%).

Inflation, albeit slowing down, is still triple compared to + 0.5% in April, and this level translates into a higher annual expenditure of +462 euros for the “standardfamily, which increases to +586 euro per year if we consider a nucleus with two children, according to the Codacons calculations. The transport sector weighs in particular on the pockets of consumers, with an increase in expenditure on an annual basis of +143 euros for travel (+218 euros a nucleus with two children). It is not better on the food front, despite the prices have dropped: here the price increases are higher than the average inflation and for food goods (processed and unprocessed) reach a total of + 2.1%, resulting in a greater disbursement for food equal to +115 euro per year for the typical family and even € 155 for a nucleus with two children. All news on: inflation Italy, household spending