Jack Ma and Elon Musk Talk about AI in Shanghai

Elon Musk (right) and Mr. Jack Ma (August 29, 2019) interviewed at the opening ceremony of WAIC2019.

29th at the 2nd World Artificial Intelligence (AI) Convention (WAIC2019) held in Shanghai, China, CEO of Tesla, a major US electric vehicle (EV) ) Elon Musk and Maun, who is co-chair of the “High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation” established by the United Nations Secretary-General and Chief Executive Officer of the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group (Jack Ma) talked about AI and Mars life. They discussed the future of AI technology development and its profound and profound impact on human life in the future.

Talk started with Mr. Musk’s humor, “Is AI meaning love?” Mr. Ma also responded with humor, “I don’t like to call AI artificial intelligence, but I like to call it Alibaba intelligence.”

“There are many people who underestimate the ability of AI. Some people think that AI is only a smarter person, but the actual ability of AI greatly exceeds that perception and is smarter than the smartest person.” “If you can’t beat AI, team up with AI. We are already connected to mobile phones and computers. In fact, humans are already integrated with machines,” an AI researcher committed He pointed out that the biggest mistake was thinking that machines could not be smarter than humans. Mr. Ma expressed his opinion that he was very optimistic and did not regard AI as a threat.

When talking about life on Mars, Mr. Ma joked, “You seem to want to emigrate to Mars, but I don’t think so. I’m interested in the Earth because I just returned from Mars.” He expressed his respect for Mr. Musk’s courage to send humans to Mars. Ma also said, “We can’t solve all future problems, but we have a responsibility for the future. I believe that AI will make the world even better.” It was. Mr. Musk expressed his belief that it is necessary to protect the earth and firmly grasp the future of the earth.

Mr. Musk said Tesla about the new factory “Gigafactory” under construction in Shanghai, “Our Chinese team is doing a very good job and the whole world is witnessing this wonderful story. I have never seen a project progress as fast as it is. ”

Mr. Ma and Mr. Musk disagreeed on whether the computer or mankind is smarter. Mr. Ma pointed out that computers may be smarter than humans, but humanity has wisdom. “Humanity invented computers. I have never seen computers invent humans. Humans are humans. You should do what you are good at. ” Musk is currently working on solving the problem of improving AI’s freedom, and expressed his view that in the future, technology will advance and change, and AI will exceed human capabilities.

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Elon Musk (right) and Mr. Jack Ma (August 29, 2019) interviewed at the opening ceremony of WAIC2019.

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