“Japanese stocks” Nikkei Fell Half a Year; Gold ETF Boarded 6 Years High

US stocks fell sharply yesterday (14th) and the Dow Jones index hit its biggest one-day drop this year, due to the “supply rate curve upside down (2 years bond yield is higher than 10 years)”. Coupled with the yen’s rise, the Nikkei 225 index fell sharply on the 15th, and the final price fell 1.21% or 249.48 points, closing 20,405.65 points, the second time in 3 trading days, the first half of the year (February 8th) Since then) closed at a new low level.

The TOPIX index fell 1.04% or 15.65 points to close at 1,483.85 points, and fell for the second time in three trading days. The number of households in the Dongzheng Department increased by 272, the number of households fell by 1,811, and the number of flats remained at 64. The turnover of Dongzheng One today was 1.99 trillion yen, and the second consecutive trading day was lower than the 2 trillion yen mark showing the buying boundary.

In terms of the performance of the stocks, all of the 33 stocks in the Dongzheng Division fell, among which the petroleum and charcoal products stocks fell the most, followed by precision machinery, retail and glass earth and stone products.

According to the Harvest XQ Global Winner System quotation, as the Japanese stock market closed on the 15th (14:00 Taipei time), the dollar depreciated against the yen (ie, the yen appreciated) 0.08% to 105.89; the dollar against the yen on the 14th weighed 0.67%, 5 The fourth day of the trading day. The dollar against the yen on August 12, the lowest point of 105.02, a new low level of about seven and a half months (since January 3).

The Japanese gold ETF “Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Gold ETF (Japan Physical Gold ETF; code: 1540.JP)” rose 0.81% to close at 4,960 yen, a record high in the past six years and four months (as of April 10, 2013). As demand for safe-haven increases, the retail price of gold in Japan hit a record high in 40 years.

Japan’s semiconductor fab, Ferrotec, soared 11.69%. 8 wafer sales increased, Ferrotec’s net profit surged 90% in the previous quarter.

Japan’s 10-year bond yields hit a three-year low, and ultra-long-term bond yields also fell, and Japanese banking stocks fell. Mitsubishi UFJ fell 1.09%, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group fell 1.28%, and Mizuho Financial Group fell 0.52%.