Japan’s Princess Mako’s Boyfriend Kei Komuro “Getting A Job at the United Nations”

Kei Komuro, the engagement candidate of Mako Akishino, the eldest daughter of the Japan’s royal  Akishinomiya family, has been reported in various media reports such as “It burns every day on the daily calendar” and “Komuro”. Although he completed (JD course doctoral course at Fordham University School of Law) on the 23rd, he continues to receive hot eyes from Japan asking for explanations on marriage and future plans. On the 27th, “Imperial Connection” entered the Twitter trend. NEWS Post Seven (Shogakukan) delivered an article on the 27th, “Kei Komuro’s” Imperial Connection “, did you get a job at an international organization? Hir first year salary of 10 million yen. ”

Mr. Komuro becomes a UN employee. Annual salary of 10 million yen and no income tax.
In the same article, discourses of imperial officials and lawyers living in New York, and pointing out that the Japanese imperial family has a strong pipe to international organizations such as the United Nations, studying abroad in New York is more than getting a lawyer qualification. He developed the speculation that the purpose was to get a job at an international organization such as the United Nations (UN). If  Komuro becomes a regular employee of a UN agency, his annual salary will be 10 million yen, and no income tax will be levied as a privilege.

A foreign ministry official said as follows.

“I think the case of income tax exemption refers to the” Convention on the Privileges and Exemptions of the United Nations “and the accompanying” Convention on the Privileges and Exemptions of Professional Institutions. ” In “Convention, Paragraph 18” (end of sentence), in addition to the income tax exemption for UN headquarters staff, the exemption from litigation procedures related to words and deeds performed with official qualifications, and the “national imprisonment obligation” such as recruitment of troops are exempted from the United Nations. Specialized institutions are exempted accordingly.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan maintains 8.564% of the contributions of member countries to the UN regular budget for 2019-21 every year. The contribution to be spent is about 238 million dollars (about 25.9 billion yen) in 2019, about 240 million dollars (about 26.1 billion yen) in 20 years, and about 247 million dollars (about 26.9 billion yen) in 21 years. .. By the way, the share is the third highest after 22% in the United States and 12.005% in China. Japan’s influence on the UN’s finances is not small.