Jaybird X4 Headset to Practice in the Rain

The new Jaybird X4 headset will allow you to practice in any weather

The sequel to the X3, its series of successful wireless headphones. As befits a sports headset, it includes a number of upgrades and buttons that make it especially suitable for outdoor training.

Unlike previous models that were only resistant to sweat, the X4 is water-resistant to the IPX7 standard. For example, they will survive rain, snow or even drowning in water at a depth of one meter  for 30 minutes. Another upgrade will allow users to quickly extend and shorten the wire connecting the headset and adjust and place it above or below the ear according to their personal preference.

The integrated cord also features a lightweight, lightweight built-in microphone and to manage phone calls or control voice assistants.

In terms of battery life, there is no significant upgrade from the previous model, and the X4 will offer 8 hours of continuous listening, and when the battery is finished, you can enjoy a fast charge so that only 10 minutes of charging time is sufficient for listening.

As usual, Jaybird puts an emphasis on ease of use and ear matching, and the X4 will also come with a large set of adapters and silicone fins to ensure that the earphones remain in place for particularly intense activity. In addition, the X4 users will also find Complement UltraTM adapters, made of “thermo-reactive” material, to ideally fit the user’s ear canal structure.

Like all company headsets, the X4 will also come with support for the sound application, which enables personalization of the sound including preset settings. The settings are stored at the firmware level, so even if you switch handsets, the headset will retain the preferred settings. The headphones will also allow connection to two sound sources simultaneously. You can even run with another friend, and both of you can hear the same music.

The Jaybird X4 is available for early purchase on the company’s website for $ 130

Hülya Karahan: The Founder


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