Jordan’s King, Turkish PM Discuss Syrian Crisis, War On Terror

ttjjTurkey and Jordan pledged on Sunday to broaden bilateral ties in light of the ongoing crisis in Syria during a two-day visit by the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to Amman.

Speaking at a joint press conference in the Jordanian capital Davutoğlu said both Turkey and Jordan support the Syrian ceasefire and hope to see an end to the Syrian conflict.

“The ferocity of terrorist organizations like Daesh [Islamic State] and the PKK [Kurdistan Workers Party] is not just an attack targeting our countries but also regional stability,” Davutoğlu said according to Hurriyet news.

“We want to see that the territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq is protected,” he added.

During the visit the Turkish Prime Minister signed ten bilateral agreements which seek to broaden economic and trade relations.

The Turkish prime minister said his trip, the fist to the Kingdom since he took office, and mutual high-level visits are of special importance, adding that cementing relations with Jordan will be a top priority.

He said that Turkey and Jordan shared common challenges as they host a huge number of Syrian refugees.

Davutoglu underlined that Jordan’s security and stability is vital to the security of the entire region.

He noted that the Jordanian-Turkish free trade agreement had contributed to doubling the trade volume to about $1 billion, and expressed his keen interest to raise Turkish investment in the Kingdom, adding “that’s why I brought a delegation of Turkish businessmen with me”.

The visit comes shortly after a government spokesman denied a report which indicated that Jordanian King Abdullah had claimed last January that Islamist militants “manufactured in Turkey” were being intentionally “unleashed” upon Europe.

Jordan’s Information Minister and government spokesman Mohammed Mumuni told Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency on Saturday that the claims were false adding that, “This kind of news is devoid of the minimum vocational professionalism.”