Jude Law Reveals He Welcomed Sixth Child

It is surprising how Jude Law, despite being a movie star for several decades, has managed to keep his private life out of the public eye. That is why he is still today one of the few actors who does not have an official profile on social networks, the favorite place for celebrities to stay in direct contact with their fans and thus be themselves, and not journalists, who build the story of your existence.

But even taking all these precautions from time to time someone in his inner circle betrays his trust and leaks news that he would rather no one know about. That was at least what happened on May 20 when the Daily Mail announced with great fanfare that the protagonist of The Young Pope and his wife Phillipa Coan were expecting their first child together.

Information that neither of them wanted to confirm, leaving in doubt its veracity and that we now know was true because the actor himself has confirmed not only the pregnancy, but also the birth of the child, during a television interview with Jimmy Fallon.

The popular Tonight Show host contacted Law through videoconference on his last show to discuss various topics. Among them, catch up on how they had spent this strange summer marked by the pandemic.

A theoretically innocent question that began with Jude Law explaining that he had basically been gardening at home but became the most important of the night when suddenly, as if it were not something remarkable, he confessed the good news.

“Well, besides all that, this summer I have also been a father. There I leave this for you ”, revealed the Brit with a laugh causing an understandable reaction of surprise in Fallon. “Wow, you kept it very quiet. Congratulations, Dad! ”, Replied the presenter. “Yes, the truth is that it has been really wonderful. We feel quite blessed to be living a time when as a family we can stay home all the time and enjoy each other. It has been an unusual infatuation but also somewhat forced, “admitted the actor

At 47, this is the sixth time Jude Law has become a father. As a result of his first marriage to Sadie Frost, he has three children: Rafferty, 23; Iris, 19; and Rudy, 17. Furthermore, with model Samantha Burke he has another 10-year-old daughter named Sophia, and with singer Catherine Harding, another 5-year-old girl named Ada.

Who does debut as a mother with this child whose name or sex remains a mystery is Phillipa Coan, a 33-year-old psychologist by profession with whom Law married in May 2019 in a very intimate ceremony held in London of which photos were never leaked. Something that makes us lose all hope of being able to see the face of the new member of the family soon. Not at least if it depends on their parents. Congratulations in any case!