Kate Middleton, First Funeral in 10 Years at the Windsor House

Since 2011, when  Kate Middleton the royal family, the duchess has participated in many joyful celebrations. This time she will have to support her husband for the last sad farewell to Prince Philip.

It was April 29, 2011 when Kate Middleton said yes to Prince William and officially entered the royal family. Since that day, the Duchess of Cambridge has participated in dozens of joyful events organized by the Crown, from the unforgettable Diamond Jubilee to the various Trooping the Color. Now, ten years after her entry into the Palace, she is called to the saddest real experience.

In fact, on Saturday 17 April she will take part in her first funeral in her Windsor home, supporting her husband in the last farewell to Prince Philip. A short procession is planned, from Windsor Castle to St. George’s Chapel, which will be joined by William but not Kate, who will instead wait for the coffin in the church: the two will be able to sit side by side, as they are part of the same family “bubble” .

On the other hand, it is natural that Buckingham Palace wants to follow the anti-contagion government provisions to the letter. As for the number of those present, for example, the list had to stop at 30 people: there will be four children with partners, eight grandchildren (also almost all accompanied), plus grandchildren and cousins ​​of Queen Elizabeth, as well as to three relatives of Prince Philip who arrived from Germany.

The big absentee will be Meghan Markle, who is completing her second pregnancy and – on the advice of doctors – has preferred to stay in California. It is not known how Kate took the news, it is certain that the recent interview released by the Sussexes brought attention to the rift between the duchesses: “It is not true that I made her cry, but the opposite,” said the former actress.

Had they both been at the ceremony, the tabloids would surely have tried to catch glances and words. Although not the right context: Kate and Meghan, if they want, will have the opportunity and time to clarify.