Khaled Mashal: Developed Turkey Is A Source Of Power For Muslims

AK Parti Konya 5. Ola?an ?l KongresiHamas leader Khaled Mashal speaking at Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) congress in Konya province has said Turkey’s increasing power has direct influence on Muslims across the world.

“A democratic and developed Turkey is a source of power for all Muslims,” Mashal was quoted as saying before Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davatoğlu delivered his speech at the congress.

In a surprise visit he paid to Konya to attend the provincial congress of AK Party, Mashal made praising comments on Turkey and AK Party for the progress Turkish government achieved thus far. Congratulating Davutoğlu over the accomplishments made so far, Mashal said he was proud to be in Konya.

“A powerful Konya means a powerful Palestine and Jerusalem.” Mashal also said adding that province was ‘a city of heroes’.

Mashaal, amid chantings, recalled the incident in which Jerusalem, a holy place for Muslims, was invaded by Israel. Reminding that people of Konya took to the streets in protest against the invasion, Mashal said: “Just like your people once protected Jerusalem, we, hopefully will save Jerusalem, Palestine again.”