Kia to Launch ‘EV6’ Running Up to 475km

The new car differentiated itself around the interior and exterior design embodying the new design philosophy Offergit United, dynamic driving performance, and eco-friendly materials that embody the will to sustainability. In addition, the multi-charging system capable of 800V super-fast charging, the V2L concept of a moving energy storage device, and cutting-edge safety and convenience items are applied to ensure high marketability.

In particular, the EV6 Long Range is equipped with a 77.4kW battery, which is expected to increase the satisfaction of consumers who value the driving range of electric vehicles as it has a maximum mileage of 475km based on the Ministry of Industry and Energy certification for a single charge. The standard is equipped with a 58.0 kW battery and is certified for a driving range of 370 km.

When looking at the proportion of selection by product, it was confirmed that 70% of pre-orders chose the long range. Next, the GT-line selection rate accounted for 24%, which is interpreted as reflecting the demand for design differentiation and customer satisfaction with dynamic styling at the same time.

Kia plans to launch the EV6 standard, long range, and GT-line first, and in the second half of next year, add a high-performance version of the GT to operate a total of four lineups.

The EV6 is equipped with a remote diagnosis system that checks the condition of the vehicle at all times. It monitors the health of the high-voltage battery while parking or charging via a battery management system (BMS). It is a function that provides a notification service to consumers when abnormal symptoms occur.

In addition, Kia prepared the ‘EV6 Quick Care Service’, which allows you to receive maintenance whenever you want without a separate reservation at Kia’s direct service centers located across the country for one year after the EV6’s launch. Users of the Quick Care service will also be provided with an electric vehicle coupon worth 5,000 won.

Kia has prepared a special warranty extension product so that the EV6 can be operated without burden of repair costs even after the warranty period is over. For general parts, the first 8-year (8-year, 160,000 km) product in Korea was newly prepared, and in addition to the basic type, customized operation such as street type and period type is also possible.

Then, the extended high-voltage battery warranty, which was provided only for the existing commercial electric vehicles (Niro EV Bongo III EV), was extended to EV6 individuals to reduce the burden of maintenance costs.

On the other hand, the EV6 sales price, which reflects the reduction in individual tax, is 47.3 million won for Air and 51.55 million won for Earth, and 51.2 million won for Air, 55.95 million won for Earth, and 56.8 million won for GT-Line.