KOSPI Rose to 2,200 Units

On this day, KOSPI closed at 2,201.88, up 18.27 points (0.84%) from the previous trading day.

The index opened 2,208.73, up 25.12 points (1.15%) from the previous battle, continuing its upward trend, and returned some of the increase in the aftermath of the weak Chinese stock market.

KOSPI crossed the 2,200 line based on the closing price for about 5 months since February 19 (close price based on 2,210.34), when the spread of new coronavirus  began in earnest.

Local media in the United States reported that the covid-19 vaccine from modern biotech company Modena is about to enter phase III clinical trials in the final stages of development. Early clinical trials also showed that antibodies were formed in all subjects.

However, as President Donald Trump signed an administrative order and sanctions law to end special treatment for Hong Kong on the 14th (local time) due to China’s enforcement of the Hong Kong National Security Law, fears of aggravating conflicts between the two countries have emerged.

Among the top market caps, Samsung Electronics [005930] (1.67%), Samsung Biologics [207940] (1.90%), LG Chem [051910] (1.87%), and Samsung C&T [028260] (1.83%) rose.

Hyundai Motor [005380] (7.39%) surged more than 7% on the previous day thanks to the expansion of supply of eco-friendly cars in the Korean New Deal Comprehensive Plan.

SK Biofarm [326030] (-6.10%) fell more than 6% and continued its downward trend for three trading days.

By industry, the growth rate was largely focused on economic sensitive industries such as transportation equipment (3.94%), securities (2.00%), banks (1.95%), and construction (1.83%).

Food and beverages (-1.91%) and services (-1.28%) fell.

On the day, the trading volume of the securities market was 810 million shares, and the transaction amount was 13,393.93 billion won.

The total sales of the program were net sales of KRW 34.4 billion, with arbitrage trading advantages and non-arbitrage trading advantages.

The KOSDAQ index ended at 781.29, up 2.90 points (0.37%) from the previous trading day.

The index started at 783.14, up 4.75 points (0.61%) from the battlefield, and continued to rise and fall at the edge of the 780 line.

In the KOSDAQ market, individuals net purchases of 16.5 billion won, foreigners 39 billion won, and institutions net sales of 488 billion won.

Among the top markets, HB [028300] (2.47%), Alteogen [196170] (1.20%), KM Double You [032500] (9.47%), and SK Materials [036490] (3.19%) rose. Celltrion Healthcare [091990] (-2.45%), Seegene [096530] (-9.22%), and CJ ENM [035760] (-1.37%) fell.

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On this day, KOSPI closed at 2,201.88, up 18.27 points (0.84%) from the previous trading day.

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