Lady Gaga Apologizes to Zombie Boy Family for ‘Unfair Conclusions’ About Death

The news of Rick Genest’s death made everyone feel moved. Known as Zombie Boy, the model gained fame when starring the clip Born this Way, the singer Lady Gaga.

In her Twitter account, Gaga lamented the loss of her friend and said she was distraught by the death caused by suicide. However, a turnaround has transformed the case. The reason for the loss of Zombie Boy has yet to be confirmed.

“The suicide of friend Rick Genest, Zombie Boy, is devastating. We have to pay more attention to mental health issues. If you are suffering, look for a friend or relative now. We have to support ourselves, “he said in an already deleted publication.

According to his representative, Karim Leduc, it is more likely that the artist’s death is the result of an accident. Genest would have fallen from the balcony of his house after telling his girlfriend he would go out to smoke.

According to Leduc, Zombie Boy did not suffer from mental health problems, on the contrary. Genest, in the eyes of the businessman, had a ‘very positive’ thinking. The artist was focused on several projects, such as a new clip and the production of a book of poetry.

Lady Gaga apologized to her friend’s family, saying they had no intention of “fomenting unfair conclusions” about the case.

I express my respect for Rick‘s family and legacy. I apologize for having spoken without sufficient evidence to confirm the cause of his death. I did not want to encourage unfair conclusions. I send my condolences to family and friends, “he said.

In a second tweet, Lady Gaga released a photograph next to Zombie Boy, in addition to saying that “the art made by us was sacred to me and I was very moved. He was an incredible artist and his work and heart will live forever. Your soul is beautiful. ”

The body of the 32-year-old model was found near his home in Montreal, Canada. Pointing to inconsistencies in death, the family refuses to believe in suicide as a valid hypothesis.

“For us, family and close people, we feel there are many inconsistencies surrounding his death to define it as suicide. And people come to such hasty conclusions so quickly was disappointing, “the model’s manager told Metro.

The Founder: Hülya Karahan