Lamborghini Shows A Supercar Without Roof or Glass

Lamborghini has heated up social networks with the image of a supercar without a windshield or roof, published on the Instagram account of the Lamborghini Squadra Corse motorsports department.

In the photo you can see the vehicle at the Monza circuit (Italy), where it is currently being tested. In theory, the new car should become the rival of the McLaren Elva and the Ferrari Monza SP1 / SP2.

The distinctive tailpipe arrangement and curved wing are reminiscent of the Aventador SVJ, but the absence of a roof and windshield suggests that this is not a convertible car, but rather a speedster, a two-seater sports convertible without side windows.

According to these first images, its design will also have characteristics of the Essenza SCV12 hypercar. Precisely this car is the most powerful in the history of Lamborghini. However, the new model appears to be more compact and with a shorter rear overhang, which should result in a more dynamic and visually aggressive stance.

Even so, if the speedster’s power is to come from the same 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine as that of the SCV12, then an output of 830 horsepower can be expected, calculates the Motor1 portal. It is not excluded that a single unit is manufactured from the supercar.

This is not Lamborghini’s first convertible car. In 2013, Italians released the Aventador J, which was left without a roof, windshield, audio system, and air conditioning to reduce weight. The Italians also built a single unit, and it found an owner almost immediately.

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