Latest Asia Stock Market

The soul stock market in the morning softened as a result of pushing ahead with thin Asian stocks at Chinese closure.
The comprehensive stock price index (KOSPI) is 0256 GMT (Japan time 11:56 AM
As of the previous weekend closing price 2.73 points (0.12%) lower at 2340.34.

China’s National Bureau of Statistics and Freshness / Markit announced on 30th China manufacturing manufacturing purchasing in September.

The economic index (PMI) declined from the previous month, pushing down the Asian market.

Powell is scheduled to be cautious before the US Federal Reserve Chairman’s speech.

Momentum is likely to spread. The lecture is expected to be the subject of next year’s US policy stance. Up
The market is also wary of the Italian fiscal problem.

China related stocks climbed. It is expected that the number of Chinese tourists will increase in the national Keio Sanha holidays from today.

Me The brands that manage duty-free business are sharp. Hanwha Galleria · Time World <027390.K
S> increased by 5.4%, and the Shilla hotel rose by 5.1%. LG life health <05
1900.KS> and Amore Pacific etc. Korean cosmetic bra popular with Chinese
The price also increased.

Taiwan shares repulsed for 1 day, the highest price in 1 month Buying for Mitsui Koei.

The Taiwanese stock market rebounded yesterday. The closing price was 45.46 points (0.41%) higher than the previous weekend at 10,515.1.80, the highest since around the end of August, the highest price in about a month. Trump US administration announced on September 30 that it had agreed with Canada on review of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), concern about the slowdown of the world economy by the US protectionist tradeism fell slightly.

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