LEGO 40478 Little Disney Castle: New Pictures of the Anniversary Set

LEGO Mexico has now published an official and slightly higher resolution picture of the LEGO 40478 Disney Castle on its own social media channels. The picture shows and the set including the minifigure and the accompanying box in an acceptable quality:

The picture also shows that the small LEGO Disney Castle is an anniversary set that will be released on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. This anniversary will be celebrated on October 1st, 2021. In addition, it can now be clearly seen that the Mickey Mouse minifigure is new and will presumably be exclusive to this set.

In the meantime, the first official picture of the LEGO 40478 Little Disney Castle set, which LEGO published as part of the EC Declaration of Conformity, has appeared. As is unfortunately the case with this document, the image is only of very low resolution, but it nevertheless confirms our information.

The small Disney Castle is actually a microscale version of the iconic Cinderalla Castle from Disney World, and the set will also contain a classic Mickey Mouse minifigure.

The LEGO Bricks and Parts Service page has been a good source for new sets over the past few months that LEGO has not yet officially announced. Now the “Little Disney Castle” has been listed there under the set number 40478, which will apparently be a mini version of the large D2C set 71040 The Disney Castle.

Much is not yet known about the little Disney Castle – there is no picture yet – but at least we can present you the number of pieces, size and a short description, based on which you can actually imagine the set quite well.

Disney fans of all ages will love this attraction from the Magic Kingdom® at Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida. Next to Cinderella’s castle is a classic Mickey Mouse minifigure.

The extraordinary building set of 567 parts is a great gift idea for fans aged 12 and over and complements any Disney collection.
The model is 21 cm high, 14 cm wide and 13 cm deep. The LEGO® ǀ Disney model “Little Disney Castle” attracts admiring glances on a mantelpiece or on a shelf.
The set will therefore consist of 567 parts and thus – despite the set number that might suggest this – will probably not be a GWP, but a completely normal set to buy. The LEGO 40478 Little Disney Castle is due to appear in early October.t

The Cinderella Castle from the Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, which apparently served as a template here, was also the inspiration for the large LEGO 71040 Disney Castle, which has been exclusively in the range of LEGO and Disney since 2016 and is to itself has developed a real “long-running hit”.

The large LEGO 71040 Disney Castle in front of the very large Disney Castle in Disney World
With an MSRP of 349.99 euros, however, it is quite expensive, which has probably deterred many potential buyers from buying it so far. All the better that with the small Disney Castle, you will soon have the opportunity to put the castle on the mantelpiece for a much smaller amount, as suggested by LEGO. The exact price is not yet known, but rumor has it that it will amount to around US $ 35.

As soon as there is more information or the first pictures, we will of course keep you up to date!

What do you think of the previous information about the LEGO 40478 Little Disney Castle? Have you wanted a Disney castle from LEGO for a long time, but shied away from the cost of the large version? Are such small versions of expensive D2C sets, as LEGO is currently doing with the Batman Tumbler, something that you think is good? Please write us in the comments!