Lenovo Promises to Provide the First 5G Phone

Lenovo, through the participation of its vice president, Chang Cheng, pledged to be the first company to provide a smart phone supporting the next generation of mobile networks called fifth generation 5G networks by using a chip manufactured by Qualcomm has not yet been announced. The pledge coincides with the official date for the initial rollout of such networks in several places around the world, with a missing element, the smart phone supporting such networks, which can be used over the fifth generation networks.

The CEO said that the company will offer the first mobile phone supporting the fifth generation networks in the world, which adopts Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm, although Qualcomm has not yet officially announced the chip, but the information is likely to have entered the production stage Since June, which could allow the company to officially announce it in late 2018 or early 2019.

Earlier this year, the chip manufacturer announced it had signed agreements on fifth-generation network modems and Snapdragon chips with 19 mobile phone manufacturers. Qualcomm later said it was working to help unspecified customers with the first-generation devices Portable carriers supporting fifth generation networks in the market early in the year-end.

Lenovo can offer the phone to support the fifth generation networks through a device that carries its trademark or Motorola’s trademark business, which obtained from Google in 2014, and although the talk of the vice president refers to one device supporting such networks, Motorola I spent about two years developing the Moto 5G additions,Which adds the capabilities of 5G networks to 4G phones

Qualcomm may announce the Snapdragon 855 chip within the planned Snapdragon event in the first week of December, and Lenovo may face stiff competition from a number of phone manufacturers who are all trying to provide mobile phones supporting the fifth generation networks at the end This year or early next year.

Beginning next year.

Apart from Lenovo, there are many other companies that are developing phones supporting 5G VLANs, including Oppo, Huawei and OnePlus. Huawei previously confirmed that it will launch its 5G smartphone in the third quarter of 2019 , While Obo announced its partnership with Qualcomm earlier this year to produce 5G phones next year.

One of its main phones for 2019 will be compatible with the 5G generation network. The rumors also suggest that Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, will be able to connect to such networks. Vivo also plans to launch the first smartphone with a capacity of 5G next year, using the X5 5G NR modem from Qualcomm.

The Founder: Hülya Karahan