Like the Renault Team the new Formula 1 Season will Run on the Economy

The F1 season restarted last weekend in Austria. Crisis and new financial regulations will upset the paddock. Renault hopes to fare well.
The drivers are biting their brakes: the world of Formula 1 was anxious to let go of the horses after four months of stopping. At the start of July, the whole field is finally reunited in Austria, where two races took place in seven days … behind closed doors. A new start for a season paused since March and cut off from several meetings, including the French Grand Prix. But the coronavirus has left its mark. The crisis has weighed on the budget of the teams, which must tighten the screws at all levels, especially since from 2021 will be implemented a kind of financial fair play which will require teams to limit their R&D spending.

The objective? Give salt back to the competition. Good news for historic stables not backed by large groups, such as McLaren or Williams, but also for manufacturers such as Renault which, to cope with the economic impact of the epidemic, plans to cut 15,000 jobs, including 4600 in France.