Long-Haul Flights at Lufthansa will Probably Only have A Test in The Future

However, the airline does not want to make a vaccination mandatory. Lufthansa boss Spohr also commented on speculation about emergency sales.

According to Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr, Frankfurt long-haul flights will only be possible in the future with a negative corona test or vaccination certificate. “Personally, I am assuming that in future every passenger on intercontinental flights on certain routes will either be tested or vaccinated,” Spohr told “Welt am Sonntag”.

In a first phase, the number of routes with mandatory quick tests will initially increase. “In the second phase, there will probably be an option between testing or proof of vaccination.” If the world’s population has sufficient immunity, the vaccination certificate would then be superfluous.

A compulsory vaccination, as planned by the Australian airline Quantas, is not planned at Lufthansa. “No, we as an airline cannot and do not want to prescribe that,” said Spohr.

The Lufthansa boss does not expect that there will be a uniform line for all global air traffic on this issue. “Some countries are already making tests mandatory for all passengers, while others continue to rely on quarantine.” In any case, a European solution with the stipulation “test instead of quarantine” would be desirable.

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Like all aviation, Lufthansa is suffering from the travel restrictions in the pandemic. The airline was saved from collapse with a billion dollar rescue package from the federal government.

“In December we had less than ten percent of the passengers compared to the previous year, but still on the year