L’Oréal Responded to the Call of Emmanuel Macron

L’Oréal employees be entitled to an exceptional bonus. On 16 January, the cosmetics giant announced the payment of 1,000 euros to all its employees in France. The third capitalization of the CAC 40 joins a number of companies that responded to the call of Emmanuel Macron during the crisis of yellow vests.

Because its employees are well worth it. On Wednesday, January 16th, L’Oréal announced the payment of an exceptional bonus of 1000 euros to all its employees in France. The French cosmetics group joins several major CAC 40 groups and other companies that have implemented similar measures.

Among them, other luxury players such as LVMH, Hermes and Kering but also Dassault Aviation, Total or the SNCF. This momentum of winter generosity follows a call to companies Emmanuel Macron companies to mobilize for the purchasing power crisis of the movement of yellow vests. But the approach may not be so disinterested …

“In accordance with the system proposed by the government for an exceptional premium of purchasing power, and taking into account the good year 2018 that the Group has achieved, L’Oréal announces the payment of an exceptional bonus of € 1,000 which will be paid at the end of January to all employees of L’Oréal in France, with the exception of its executives “, writes the company in a statement.

In October 2018, on the occasion of the presentation of financial results, the company said indeed expect a “significant growth of [its] turnover and an increase of [its] profitability” for the whole of year. In total, L’Oréal has some 14,300 employees in France.

The bonus will be exempt from social charges and income tax for employees whose annual remuneration in 2018 is less than three times the SMIC, says the group. According to him, the average compensation of an L’Oréal worker in 2018 was 35,674 euros gross per year plus 10,357 euros of participation and profit-sharing. Figures that tend to reinforce the statement of the economist Patrick Artus: “If everyone in France could be an employee of the CAC 40, there would be much less poverty.”