MacBook Keyboard: Individual Keys can not be Exchanged

The next problem with Apple MacBooks has not been long in coming. Complaints regarding the keyboard have forced the company to an exchange program, but the butterfly mechanism of the keys causes further problems.

Last week, Apple launched a free exchange program for its MacBook series. A lot has to happen before the company can resort to such a measure. In recent months, customers have complained about the keyboard of their MacBook and their MacBook Pros again and again. According to Apple, there are problems, as buttons often “inconsistent react”.

This means that one or more keys may have too high a pressure resistance, that they get stuck, are not recognized at all, or that characters are written twice. However, not all MacBooks were hit by this  problem. According to the manufacturer, only a small percentage is affected, so that they have now opted for the free exchange program.

However, it will not be as easy as one would have imagined. Apple’s MacBooks work with the so-called butterfly keyboards. These have a very small key stroke, which does not cause the keys to tilt. It has opted for this butterfly mechanism to build the laptops very thin.

And exactly here lies the problem. Apple has been so focused on adapting the keyboard to a slim design that forgot about interchangeability. Individual keys often can not be changed. This is also confirmed by iFixit, which is known for its device teardowns, which test device reparability.

Anyone who shakes their heads will want to hit him against the table. The keyboard on many MacBook models has been installed as a unit along with the trackpad and speakers. So if you have problems with the keyboard and want to have them replaced, you must also have the other two components replaced.

The circumstance is so absurd that I do not know if I should laugh or cry. Affected customers who have problems with their MacBook keyboard should contact Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. After all, the company promises that all the fun should not cost a penny and users who have already repaired their keyboard should get back the money from Apple.