Macron And Merkel Agree on Rejections Yes to Italy

A common vision between Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel on the rejection of migrants. “We agree that those migrants who are registered in one country and go to another must be sent back as soon as possible, so the answer is yes, for what concerns us”, replied the French president, in a press conference with the German chancellor in Meseberg, Berlin lost, to a question about it.

This is the matter of confrontation with Horst Seehofer, with the chancellor asking for two weeks to explore the availability of European partners. Macron to Italy: working together but not with those who do not cooperate The French president then returns to warn Italy about the coordinated management of migrants, after the Aquarius case.

“As already said with Prime Minister Conte, we will work together and cooperate for the management of migrants but we will never respond positively to clearly non-cooperative strategies.The problem of Aquarius begins when the Coast Guard (Italian, ed) uploads migrants to a ship “, said the head of the Élysée during the joint press conference with Angela Merkel. “Migrants need a European response” Macron repeated to Meseberg that he had assured the Italian prime minister of a coordinated reaction to the phenomenon of migration. “We will react in a coordinated way, as a sign of cooperation, we can not respond efficiently without coordination,” he explained.

Merkel: we welcome the needs of Italy Migration is seen as a common challenge “and” our goal remains a European response. We want to prevent Europe from dividing. We support the Commission’s proposals and the strengthening of Frontex “, says Angela Merkel at Meseberg with Macron.” We will welcome Italy’s assessment of migration, “he adds, pointing out that it is a particularly exposed country. “Eurozone reforms can not be achieved without a clear will and a common vision, and this is what we want to express here today clearly”, says Macron, who cites the main reforms: the banking union, the transformation of Esm and the creation of a budget for the Eurozone, “reforms we have been working on for a long time.” The objective of Berlin and Paris is that the budget of the Eurozone to 19 can be established from 2021, he says. Macron: yes to the eurozone budget We have achieved a good result in the Eurozone “, Angela Merkel echoes. “We are in favor of a Eurozone budget and the transformation of the European Solidarity Mechanism ESM into a European monetary fund”.

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