Magic Lip Surprisingly Launched its AR Glasses Price: $ 2,295

The glasses of the most mysterious and intriguing company of recent years are surprisingly launched, and the first experimenters are already telling about their experiences.

Magic Leap is one of the most intriguing companies in the technology world. The company has managed to raise about

$ 2 billion from a series of highly regarded investors, without disclosing or leaking almost anything about its product. After the unveiling of its mixed reality glasses at the end of last year, we were suddenly informed of the launch of its first product, Magic Leap One Creator Edition, in selected parts of the United States.

6 cameras, 4 microphones and a variety of sensors to provide an unseen experience
Magic Leap‘s mixed reality kit is very different from the AR and VR systems we currently know and includes several components. First, the glasses themselves called Lightwear, include a series of sensors, built-in speakers, 4 microphones and 6 cameras; The glasses are connected by a cable to the processing unit and the battery, which includes advanced processors of the type found in gaming computers, called Lightpack and is located on a user-worn belt; In addition, the kit also includes a control controller that the company calls the not-so-surprising name Control it.

Together, the assessment provides a mixed reality experience (AR), with control in many ways such as voice commands, gestures, head movements, and eye movements. The system maps the environment and can plant different objects on it, so that the user will be able to plant a television on a wall in his home and it will be there and he can sit and watch movies and series every time.

Starting today, you can order the Magic Leap glasses through the company’s website. The launch is quiet and relatively small, and is only available in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. For $ 2,295 you will get a delivery to your home with a tutorial. It should be noted, however, that the Creator version is intended for creators who want to create mixed reality experiences for the Magic Lip operating system.

The first experimenters were enthusiastic, but only to a degree

Correspondents in the United States were given the opportunity to experiment with the intriguing glasses. Adi Robertson, a reporter for The Verge, says the glasses are easy to assemble, and for a long time no load or discomfort is noticeable. However, Robertson argues that the viewing angle is quite limited (only 50 degrees) and interferes with the experience. Also, although the 3D effect is powerful and successful, some of the objects look sharp, but some of them have blurring, over-transparency and bright edges.

The CNET reporter was also impressed by the system, but also complained about the transparency of the objects and the viewing angle. In addition, the reporter, who needs glasses, claimed that Magic Lip’s glasses were not suitable for eyeglasses, and users would have to use contact lenses or buy special lenses and put them in the kit.

Despite the news of the initial launch of a product from one of the most mysterious companies of the recent period, its broad audience will have to wait patiently for the launch of glasses intended for the general public, and the company itself will have to prove that content producers are interested in developing unique experiences that can not be found on any competing platform. At least according to the initial experience of the reporters, the technology is currently more advanced than most existing technologies in the market, but it is still not the revolution we are all waiting for.

The Founder: Hülya Karahan