Make The Best Franch Breakfast İn Paris

Champagne, cabaret, ball pool, musicals, Brit ‘afternoon tea or even retro funfair, our 10 unusual activities to celebrate the end of year celebrations in Paris in style.

The  Best Breakfast
Breakfast at the Verlet cafe with Brioche Nanterre, Echire butter and jam, casserole eggs with cream and herbs with mushrooms, waffles or chocolate granola accompanied by Fontainebleau.

Waking up early in the morning, walking around rue Saint-Honore and getting caught up in the smell of good coffee. The promise of a fantastic breakfast is there. In its decor worthy of a time machine, the iconic Verlet brewery serves the most cutting-edge coffee vintages, roasted by hand in their burner in the Royal Palace, in the pure tradition of the spice route …

Upstairs, a cozy living room offers a king’s breakfast, served as Angelique Marquise des Anges would have required. Brioche Nanterre, Echire butter and jam (€ 5.50), casserole eggs with cream and fine herbs with mushrooms (€ 9.90), waffles or chocolate granola accompanied by Fontainebleau (€ 8.90).

To shiver in front of Psychosis stuck against his lover. Introduce Rebecca or The Man Who Knew Too Much to her granddaughter or take a family outing to discover the wildest thrillers with Grace Kelly, James Stewart or Laurence Olivier playing. Happiness and great art on the big screen during the holidays! This is exactly what the Cinémathèque offers, which broadcasts in its fantastic dark room a Hitchcock retrospective and its legendary film, every day during the holidays. Kif in perspective.

Everything you always wanted to know about stilettos and their big sisters. The Museum of Decorative Arts traces the history of shoes, from the first slippers to couture sneakers, including the lotus shoe and the bling-bling shoe of Lady Gaga.

From the first room, the tone is set: a superb colorful XXL sandal signed Ferragamo triumphs proudly. There follows a parade of shoes which have crossed eras and cultures. Unusual: we are whispered that the glass pumps of the beautiful Cinderella are hidden there … And to get in the mood, the most improbable shoes, namely wooden wedge flip-flops with gigantic heels, are put on available. It remains only to try them. All the same for kids who have their dedicated room, which is too funny.

All information on March and approach. A history of shoes, until February 23, 11 € full price
The Museum of Decorative Arts, 107 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

Chicken of the best poultry farmer in France steamed with champagne at the Gallopin brasserie

A magical moment in a mythical place. Opened in 1876 opposite the Stock Exchange, Gallopin appears as the first “American Bar” in Paris, meeting elegant news and Parisians in the Belle Epoque fashion … before registering as a legendary brasserie of the capital where you can breathe the essence of bourgeois cuisine with Brillat Savarin-style pâté: the famous “pillow of the beautiful Aurora” (€ 17), a tenderloin of beef with pepper and matchstick potatoes (€ 34 ) and a splendid Norwegian omelette (12 €).

The must ? Test their “chicken” during the holidays, sourced from the best poultry farmer in France aka Arnaud Tauzin, steamed with champagne and served with a supreme sauce and seasonal vegetables. High poultry to be tested absolutely (€ 140 for 4 people).

Sensual, magnetic, funny, sexy, sassy, ​​erotic … The experience tickles you? Far from strip clubs and feathered cabarets, the Crazy is distinguished by its intimate setting and its unique way of staging the maddening curves of its girls dressed in light.

A cult show to see (at least) once in a lifetime. Why not December 31 with champagne and caviar (or pastries) for the occasion? We like: the new highly instagrammable storefront.

Show from 87 €. On December 31, three performances, formulas from € 180 to € 290

It’s not just in X-Files that the truth is elsewhere. Take the example of the famous Le Corbusier tilting chair. In reality, this iconic piece of contemporary design created in 1927 is the work of … Charlotte Perriand, a young associate of the master of modern architecture, 24 years old at the time.

The Louis Vuitton Foundation offers a deserved spotlight to this visionary and avant-garde woman who, through her career and her convictions, revolutionized 20th century design. Entrepreneurial and committed, close to artists like Fernand Léger, she has always put people at the heart of her concerns. An iconoclastic personality that it was time to celebrate.

You only have one thing to do, jump with both feet into this pool of 300,000 balls installed under the majestic dome of the center of indian art and dance. Now, savor the kif of a playa atmosphere a stone’s throw from Place Vendôme: flamingo buoys, deckchairs, donuts, scrunchies and sweets. All the joys of summer without risking sunburn.

Full price 8 €. From December 21, 2019 to January 5, 2020. Closed on December 24 and 25 and January 1. All info on

Elephant Paname, 10 rue Volney, 75002 Paris

Hot chocolate at the small Manufacture Cluizel

A great cocoa designer, the Cluizel manufacture delights Parisians with its demented chocolates. What we know less is that the house has opened a fantastic address in the form of a tea room in the Marais, where we can come and settle for a very chocolate-filled four hour!

Chocolate fountain, box of all colors, sweets galore… A pop and sweet universe ideal for comforting around hot chocolate – its vegan version with oat milk is a healthy slaughter (€ 6.20) – accompanied Crazy pastries by Philippe Conticini: signature cake balls (€ 4.50), brownies and other carrot cakes (from € 4.50).

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