Manga: ‘Why’ ‘Homosexual is not Normal”

The study cartoon (Yehringdang) for children and adolescents shows an expression of disgust that promotes discrimination and prejudice by drawing sexual minorities as abnormal ones. Is ranked number one in the online bookstore ‘Aladdin’ children’s book ‘Our Body’ field.

The Korean Women’s Societal Sexual Violence Counseling Center, posted an article on the official Twitter on the 18th and demanded that all the books be collected and disposed of. This is a publication with great impact on the reader, so there is a social responsibility to convey accurate sex education information in terms of gender equality.

According to the description of the counseling center, the revised version of the third edition of the 2018 presupposes that the minority is “exceptional”, “abnormal”, “not universal”, “not good” and heterosexual “providence of nature”. My mom, a person in the book, told her daughter, “A lot of people love crusades and love and marry. It is also the providence of nature. ”

The counseling office also pointed out that the book also circulates unscientific information mobilized to justify prejudice against AIDS. The counseling center had a problem in the book, saying, “There are a lot of AIDS patients among homosexuals” and “It is closely related to AIDS.”

The counseling center also pointed out that the problem was that the counseling center was named as the book’s supervisor. The counseling center said, “I took the first edition of the second edition of 2008 and there was no such information at the time.” The third edition is that the counseling center is listed as an importer even though the counseling center did not accept it. The counselor demanded that “Yehringdang, who published the book with an anti-humanitarian content, should abolish all subsequent editions and revise the book in terms of gender equality.”


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