Imagine that you live in a house where your assistant speaks to you with the voice of the great artist Morgan Freeman, that is to say that you have one of the most beloved characters Anisa for you all the time thanks to technology, so Mark Zuckerberg chose to be his smart home.

During a tour of Mark’s smart house, according to the “The-ambient” site, Zuckerberg gets up from sleep and installs the system that Mark calls “Jarvis” at his home, responding to voice and text commands through a specially designed application.

Through the Crestron technological system, the assistant takes care of the lights, doors and temperature of the house, programmed to learn useful things, such as Mark’s musical tastes to operate it, and to recognize subtle differences in commands.

The machine prepares a breakfast Mark even before reaching the kitchen, which appeared in one of the scenes that Mark himself at home and broadcast on Facebook before, which shows the accuracy of this device and smart handling inside the founder of Facebook without the need for the worker Human, and distinctive service In a voice that no one imagined.


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