Mastering These 6 Small Flaws can Improve Sleep Quality

“Mayo Clinic” shared that changing from these 6 hours can improve the quality of sleep and help to dawn.

Regular sleep
Do not sleep for more than 8 hours, it is generally recommended that adults sleep at least 7 hours, try to get up and sleep at the same time, and do not go to bed for more than 1 hour on weekends. If you can’t sleep for 20 minutes, please leave the bedroom to relax. Read or listen to soothing music until you are tired and go back to sleep.

2. Pay attention to bedtime diet
Don’t go hungry or eat super full when going to bed, especially if you don’t eat a big meal a few hours before going to bed, stomach upset may make you awake. Nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol should also be carefully selected. The stimulating effect of nicotine and caffeine will take several hours to disappear, and it will seriously damage the quality of sleep. Although alcohol makes you feel sleepy, it also disturbs sleep at night.

3. Create a quiet environment
Create a room that is perfect for sleeping, cool, dark and quiet. Try not to use electronic products before going to bed, you can use earplugs, fans or other equipment to create. Take a shower before going to bed or simply pull a rib to sleep better.

4. Don’t sleep too much during the day
Sleeping for a long time during the day can affect sleep at night. If you want to take a nap, it is recommended to limit it to 30 minutes, and don’t sleep too late.

5. Exercise in daily life
Exercise habits can promote better sleep quality, but exercise time is not too close to bedtime. It may be helpful to spend more on the outside.

6. Pressure management
Try to solve your anxiety or worry before going to bed. If you can’t, write down your thoughts and deal with them tomorrow. Meditation also helps to alleviate anxiety.