Mazda 3 New, Red Dot Award Wins Best German Industrial Design Award

The award ceremony for the 2019 Red Dot Award was held in Germany, and the all-new Mazda 3 (Mazda 3) received the “Best of the Best” award in product design.

The Red Dot Award is a design award with a history of about 60 years sponsored by the “North Rhine-Westphalia Design Center” in Germany. From a wide range of industrial products such as cars submitted from around the world, it is judged based on nine criteria such as design innovation, functionality, and ergonomics, and the red dot award is given to high quality designs.

Above all, the Best of the Best Award is the highest award in the product design category of the Red Dot Award. It is an award given to particularly superior industrial products.

The all-new Mazda3 embodies a deepening “soul design” with the aim of embody the essence of Japanese aesthetics. While drawing a form with a simple motion of one motion, it is said that the movement of light by reflection of delicate body formation and the movement of reflection create a stronger, more natural life feeling than ever before.

In addition, Ikuo Maeda, Managing Executive Officers in charge of Mazda’s design brand style, attends the award ceremo.