McDonald’s in China Pushes “Cilantro ice Whirlwind” And Wails

Whenever coriander is mentioned, there are always two factions to argue, but McDonald’s in China seems to be determined to take the risk, because the advertisement flyer of McDonald’s “cilantro ice whirlwind” limited-time event is wildly circulating on Chinese social platforms, and China on the tip of the tongue will welcome The cilantro challenge.

McDonald’s China’s new product “Coriander Ice Whirlwind” will be on sale for a limited time from February 21 to 25. The picture under the advertising slogan “Sweet and Sour Fragrance, One Bite” is of Bing Xuanfeng drizzled with green lemon coriander sauce and sprinkled with coriander Crumbs are sold for 6.6 RMB (about NT$29).

After the revealing of the luscious and creative new menu, it immediately aroused discussion among Chinese netizens. Many people saw it and shouted terrifyingly, “Does anyone really dare to eat it?” I have been silent with those who don’t like coriander…” “It’s basically challenging the human body’s limits”; there are also people who can’t wait to buy Bingxuanfeng immediately and put in the coriander to test it first. Calling for help, but no matter what the taste is, the picture after mixing the two is really not very good-looking.