McDonald’s will Sell its Business to a Siberian Company

McDonald‘s is a sign of the times for Russia. The company, which 32 years ago symbolized the December of the multinationals on the occasion of the Soviet Union, now represents with its marching force of Eurasian countries and the sale of local bargaining companies the skin generalized by the Ukrainian war. ‘La Gran M’ has announced the transfer of its branch to a Siberian company, which will rename the brand and change its menus. The terms of the agreement have not been published, although the company is reconciling some days that will mark 1,300 million euros in losses through its Russian march.

The fast food chain announced that it would sell its Russian branch to its partner Alexander Govor, which expanded the chain in Siberia with the opening of 25 restaurants in remote areas of the country since 2015. the Kuzbás region in a joint venture with Evraz’s company Román Abramovich. According to The Bell, one of its exploits lost its life to 148 workers.

McDonald’s suspended its operations in March ahead of the attack on the offensive against Ukraine. The prospects of the ruble contribution, the actual fortune does not correspond to the real change in the banks, and the remainder of problems derived from a single country to a large number of sanctions, should be taken into account temporarily in its restaurants. These solo seguían abiertos the pocos ubicados in train and airport stations, but form gigantic colas to acquire what now a parish “a lujo” pese to hold the establishments on its main rival, Burger King, which decided to maintain its activity.

The multinational owns 84% ​​of its 850 restaurants in Russia and controls 7% of the restaurant sector, according to the Tass agency. Without embarrassment, one of the most affected by the sanctions against other companies, such as KFC, has maintained its negotiations given that the majority of its establishments are run by Russian companies.

The presence of the company in Russia was a serious blow to the brands of which McDonald’s could be nationalized by the Kremlin or converted into a ‘Tio Vania’, the meme that has been furious in Russia with the brand of renaming the McDonald’s brand brand “La Gran M ‘en una’ B ‘, la’ uve ‘en cirílico. Nothing is known more about the sale, the organism of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow region will ensure that this operation will create 6,000 additional jobs in the province.

The agreement reached with Govor exemplifies the maintenance of the 62,000 labor costs generated by McDonald’s during the two years. In addition, we will assume all of our obligations with suppliers, tenan.

The question now is whether the Russian customer will accept the new image of the hamburger series. As regards the agency Tass fuentes de la cadena y Oleg Bujarov, president of the Federation of Restaurants and Hotels of Russia, only the original numbers and logos will appear, but the menus will be ideological. For this reason, from June’s media, it can be assumed that the McDonald’s brand is the main ingredient in its burgers.

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