Megan Merkel in A Rare Show with the Cheapest Dress She has Ever Worn

After announcing her pregnancy in a dress tailor-made for her by fashion house Corlina Herrera and after zooming in with a fancy dress from Oscar de la RentaMeghan  Markle in a rare appearance on her husband’s Face Time with a particularly cheap dress. One that left us stunned.

Meghan Markle rocked USD 30 dress during digital appearance on ‘The Late Late Show’

The long interview in which James Corden travels around Los Angeles with Prince Harry warmed our hearts for many reasons. Well, actually for one main reason – Harry. His dry British humor along with the tendency to modesty not usually attributed to royalty and the honest answers – all of which captured our hearts. But while we only had eyes for Harry, the offices of the American brand Velvet Torch actually celebrated Megan’s brief appearance in an interview.

While they are visiting the mansion that was the location for the outdoor filming of The Cool Prince of Bel Air, Corden snatches his phone from Harry for a party with Megan, who, according to her well-made hair, was probably ready for this conversation. While it is not possible to see the blue dress she is wearing in full, it is a Velvet Torch dress with flushed tops and sleeves that fall off the shoulders with a tie at the end.

This is a simple, inexpensive and convenient choice for Megan’s growing belly, and especially a significant change from the dresses with which she was recently photographed. In the photo where Harry and Megan announced the pregnancy she is wearing a dress designed especially for her at the Carolina Herrera fashion house, and just last week she was interviewed in a surprising lemon dress from the house of Oscar de la Renta.

The Duchess of Sussex wore a dress worth USD 30 during her digital appearance on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden‘. The Velvet Torch website says that this is a family-owned Los Angeles brand that puts its customer service above all else and produces clothes with an emphasis on comfort . Right now they seem to have at least one satisfied customer, and now it only remains to be seen if the Megan effect will affect sales of the blue dress as well.

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