Meghan Markle Leaves the Label on Her Dress

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were at Tonga’s Fua’amotu Airport and Meghan wore a red dress like the flag of Tonga, but that was not what caught her attention … nope, not her miniature baby bump, no that does not wear pantyhose … nope, someone noticed that the red dress of Meghan by Self-Portrait, had a hanging tag, and it is obvious that they were going to grab it to put together a story.

And when you read it had the label hanging, you could think (or at least in my case it was like this) Gosh! I wore the price of the dress in sight! but Noooooo, it is not the price tag, nor the one that you have to leave on the dress to change it if it does not fit … it is the fabric label, the one that indicates the care, of what material the garment is made, porfa wash by hand .

And they made a fuss about that … even over there I read something like “the embarrassing detail that Meghan left in her dress” What? Really? What I find curious is the place where they placed the label and that she did not see it in the mirror, or her assistant … LOL! Rachel, Darling, you are fired!