Meghan Markle Pregnant The First Photo

Meghan Markle and Harry announced their second wait – from Santa Barbara, California – on Valentine’s Day. In this case, of course, not “by chance”: even Lady Diana had done the same in February 1984, in letting the world know the arrival of her second son.

Meghan Markle pregnant
“We can confirm that Archie is about to become the big brother.” Thus Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, almost three years as a husband and wife and almost two as parents, announced to the world the arrival of their second child.

They did so with an official statement. Through their spokesperson. To reveal to the world what had been suspected for a few weeks: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are about to expand the family.

Meghan Markle and Harry: the second Baby Sussex on the way
Thus, less than two years after the birth of little Archie, Meghan and Harry share with others a joy that has been desired for too long. That of a second pregnancy. And the mind cannot fail to go to that surprise editorial that the Duchess wrote for the New York Times she does, telling of having suffered a miscarriage in July.

According to what the spokesman said, the two are “overjoyed”. And the mood of the couple can be seen in the photo used by the two to announce the good news.

The image, taken by Misan Harriman, longtime friend of the two, depicts Meghan and Harry in a garden. Under a tree. With him holding her head tenderly, busy stroking her baby bump instead. Impossible not to notice the look of lovers that the two parents exchange, waiting for the second child.

The announcement of the pregnancy, among other things, comes a few days after the birth of another Royal Baby. In fact, on February 9, the son of Eugenia of York and Jack Brooksbank was born.

The two, however, were shortly in the spotlight: the arrival of the second Sussex has already stolen the show from the newcomer. Basically the same had happened with Archie. The news of the former American actress’s first pregnancy was given a few days after the marriage of Sarah Ferguson’s daughter and Prince Andrew to Jack Brooksbank.

The sweet tribute to Lady Diana
There is, however, more. The fact that the Duchies of Sussex have chosen Valentine’s Day to shout to the world to wait for a second Royal Baby hides a much deeper meaning. And not only for the link with the party of lovers.

It was February 14 – but 1984 – even when Lady Diana announced that she was expecting her second son, Prince Harry. A very sweet tribute, for the Duke, to his missing mother, with whom he finds himself, from today, to share a special memory.

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