Meghan Markle Wrote a Book in Tribute to her Freckles as a Teenager

A tweet published by the United States Library of Congress reveals that the Meghan Markle has written a book entirely dedicated to her freckles. Carla Hayden, the 14th Librarian of the US Congress shared on her social network pictures of the famous book written by Meghan Markle at the age of 15 during a school project. Entitled “A Face Without Freckles … Is A Night Without Stars”, a phrase repeated to her by her father), the book pays homage to this physical peculiarity. “Some people think freckles are weird. I don’t agree because if I didn’t have my freckles then I wouldn’t really be me, “she confesses. A model of self-love from an early age!

This is not the first time that Meghan Markle has been talked about because of her freckles. In 2017, interviewed by the magazine “Allure”, the young woman admitted to being exasperated when they were erased in a photoshoot. Her former makeup artist, Lydia F. Sellers had also spoken on the subject. “Every time I put on her makeup she would say, ‘Can we make sure my freckles come out good? I don’t want a ton of foundation.’ It didn’t take much more to start a trend. Since joining the royal family, and her desire to stay natural, the hashtag #FreckleslikeMeghan  has seen real success on social media. Better yet, some beautistas arm themselves with makeup to create fake freckles, while others even go for a more drastic solution: tattooing.